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WWOOF-dk is a group of farms, families and projects that are involved in organic production.

As a WWOOFer you can travel among these hosts, participate in the work and get free board and lodging.

The idea of WWOOF is to spread interest and knowledge about organic production and life. WWOOFing is for people of all ages. Some guests already have knovledge about and are engaged in environmental issues, but travelling as a WWOOFer is also ideal if you are just are curious and interested in knowing more about the organic ideas.

For people from other countries WWOOFing gives a possibility to get a good impression of Danish culture and everyday living. No particular skills are required in order to be a WWOOFer. You just must be prepared to give a hand with all different kind of work.

WWOOF is a shortening of World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. The national organisation in Denmark was set up in 1985 - and is also known as 'Vi Hjælper Hinanden', which means 'We Help Each Other'.

WWOOF farms in Denmark

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