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WWOOF Denmark 0157

Fejø, Denmark

Short Description Organic garden grown for self-sufficiency with greenhouse and keyholemandala. Wide view ove...


WWOOF Denmark 0139

Fjerritslev, Denmark

Selfsufficiency farm. We grow own vegetables by biointensive method, milk our cow and make own dairy products,...


WWOOF Denmark 0070

Gram, Denmark

Holistic lifestyle -- organic / biodynamic vegetable and fruit garden. In the midlle of a beautyful wild natu...


WWOOF Denmark 0041

Allinge, Denmark

Organic smallholding - mostly meadows and forest.


WWOOF Denmark 0064

Regstrup, Denmark

An environmental and cultural collective renovating and developing the former Knabstrup ceramics factory.


WWOOF Denmark 0026

Ærøskøbing, Denmark

Sustainable living, self sufficiency and nature protection. Two adults, three lovely girls (born 2001, 2004, ...


WWOOF Denmark 0030

Nykøbing Sj., Denmark

Spiral strawball house and permaculture. I mostly need help in the garden, chooping wood and building.


WWOOF Denmark 0035

Hundested, Denmark

Eco-collective with kitchen-garden, permaculture and poultry, just outside the ecovillage of Dyssekilde


WWOOF Denmark 0174

Nibe, Denmark

Spirelyst is a organic farmershop. Selling our own meat and eggs from : chickens, ducks, sheep, and cows. We ...


WWOOF Denmark 0409

Kirke Hyllinge, Denmark

Stensbølgård is a organic farm with 120 milking cows, 220 Hens and 4 Hectars of vegetables. We have a farmsh...


WWOOF Denmark 0159

Vig, Denmark

Ananda Gaorii is an ashram, farm and learning center. We practice yoga and meditation, work on the farm, and r...


WWOOF Denmark 0038

Rønnede, Denmark

A beautiful old farm in a wonderful nature. We do projects according to the time of the year.


WWOOF Denmark 0077

Eskilstrup, Denmark

The farm is located almost in the forest and has a smal pond in the middle. I try to produce all the food I ne...


WWOOF Denmark 0051

Nordborg, Denmark

Organic Bed and Breakfast at the lovely iland Alsen. Rural area in the north of the iland Alsen. Busy house, ...


WWOOF Denmark 0048

Hasle (Rutsker), Denmark

I live on a small ecological farm situated on the beautiful I Danish Island Bornholm, 6 km from seaside and be...


WWOOF Denmark 0151

Rynkeby, Denmark

We have a little organic farm with elderberry, quiences, berries, outdoor pigs and a big vegetable garden. We ...


WWOOF Denmark 0152

Samsø, Denmark

- Over 100 different vegetables & fruit - Egg laying hens in mobile hen house - Small scale with focus on lo...


WWOOF Denmark 0147

Rønne, Denmark

Hello We are Lisbeth and Alan living in the countryside on the beautiful island Bornholm in the Baltic Sea. W...


WWOOF Denmark 0012

Skærbæk, Denmark

The farm is 4,5 ha big, and we have an orchard with apples and raspberrys about 0,5 ha. We also have a big veg...


WWOOF Denmark 0014

Tønder, Denmark

We do not have a real Farm. A little shop with organic fruit and vegetables ( open two days pr week) In autu...


WWOOF Denmark 0071

Sakskøbing, Denmark

We are a family of 2 adults (Simon and Hanne), 2 children and 1 grandfather living in the beautiful south-east...


WWOOF Denmark 0297

Hillerød, Denmark

Organic farm, focusing on variation and heritage breeds of farm animals and crops. We need help in our veget...


WWOOF Denmark 0464

Fuglebjerg, Denmark

Hørhaven is an organic farm where biodiversity, natural cultivation and animal welfare are in focus.


WWOOF Denmark 0115

Søby Ærø, Denmark

On 1,5 ha we have established Vitsøhus permaculture garden, that is supervised by Sepp Holzer (Austria), sho...


WWOOF Denmark 0399

Ebeltoft, Denmark

Therapeutic, biodynamic permaculture garden. Help us help a lot of people - and learn a lot yourself.


WWOOF Denmark 0469

Askeby, Denmark

Permaculture - Forest garden Møn retreat center want to be self-sufficient with a part of the veggies for th...


WWOOF Denmark 0135

Stege, Denmark

A school for children age 7-15. A permaculture project. A local development project. A cooperation between cou...


WWOOF Denmark 0336

Skibby, Denmark

Svanholm is an organic community of 80 people + children. We are looking for wwoof'ers to help out in our vege...


WWOOF Denmark 0414

Spjald, Denmark

An organic farm with livestock, potatoes, vegetabels an grain. There is a roadshop with potatoes, strawberries...


WWOOF Denmark 0022

Svendborg, Denmark

TAKE A LOOK: Our new concept Living & Learning Housefarm, are looking for wwoof'ers on a Long Term Stay! (3-6-...